Our Company

IN 2000

Brahman S.A.S. started its activities as Distribuidora Brahman, with a production and distribution center in the city of Ibagué, Tolima. Initially, industrial butter was produced in an artisanal way, but due to the growth in demand based on the quality of our products and the expansion of our businesses in other nearby cities, production was automated to meet the new expectations.


With the increase in demand, the company began to venture into the range of margarines and bottled oils, and new product lines were launched into the market such as LA EXCELENCIA and LA EXQUISITA, offering a wide range of products, through which we could cover the national market both directly and through distributors of bakery products.


Later on, in order to improve and optimize the transport service for our products, we set up a fleet of van-type vehicles with thermo-king, strategically located to cover the national market, making deliveries directly and ensuring the quality of our products.

IN 2015

The INDUMARG company was founded as an independent margarine manufacturer, with the goal to creat and develop new products, while guaranteeing full quality control of the products marketed by BRAHMAN. The assembly of the factory was made with the latest technology equipment and today it works as an automated plant in the vast majority of its processes to guarantee the quality of the finished goods.


FROM 2018

PROINGRA enters the international market in alliance with Marca País Colombia – Procolombia. The products are exported to Latin America and the company has a Branch in Panama City.


Currently, GRUPO EMPRESARIAL PROINGRA produces its products under strict quality control that meets the demands of the current market, and has its own distribution network and provides permanent advice to our clients.




Before Distribuidora Brahman, now Brahman S.A.S, a national distributor Company.



National distributor network company.



Margarine and edible fatty products manufacturer.



Company that exports Proingra Business Group products, and expands business internationally.



Develop, produce and market the best fatty products or the bakery and food industry, at a fair price, with the support of a trained and committed human group, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of customers and consumers, our employees, suppliers and shareholders.


By 2023, consolidate ourselves as the leading company in quality and development of edible fats, being at the forefront of innovation and consumer understanding, to be the preferred supplier of the bakery and food industry, which meet the needs of the national and international market.

¡Discover our first class products!


Listen, understand and value our internal and external clients, as they are fundamental part of our organization.

We execute each process applying the best practices of the industry, which
which allows us to deliver a product of excellent quality and in excellent

We work hard to obtain the best results for the development of our clients, suppliers and the community in general.

We treat our stakeholders fairly, we strive to Value the merit of each.

Permanent search for new products, services and processes in accordance with the needs of the market.



Deliver optimal quality products, for which we are at the forefront of technological advances, we have a human, professional and ethical team, with the necessary resources to carry out activities and efficiently execute projects that lead to continuous process improvement, the quality and safety of the product and the environment.


Continuously work to meet and respond on time the expectations and needs of the market and achieve customer and consumer satisfaction.


Permanently train personnel at different levels of the organization, to ensure that they are all competent to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities related to current internal and legal regulations.